With thirty-four years in the Auto Electrical industry Greg Lewis (owner operator) has a real passion for auto electrics.


In the first five years of business North Harbour Auto Air & Electrical Ltd began fleet maintenance & safety/equipment installations for large fleet companies such as Electrics, Ritchies, NZ Sugar & AA New Zealand to name a few. When completing work for such organisations, the company became well versed with dealing with fleet/lease management groups We also cater for the individual customer, no job is too small. The workshop is fully equipped to tackle any job that has an engine or a wire attached. We have two hoists available and can do anything from a basic service to a dash out AirCon repair. We can tackle your boat, trailer, caravan, golf cart, tractor and horse float too.
North Harbour Auto Air & Electrical Ltd was proudly awarded 'Yuasa Club Member' 2009
Greg is a qualified auto electrician of thirty-four years. We have four qualified electrical tradesmen, two qualified mechanics, an electrical labourer and apprentice on staff. North Harbour Auto Air & Electrical prides itself on the diverse qualities of its well-equipped and regularly trained staff that look forward to helping you with all your electrical, mechanical, air conditioning and health and safety requirements.



greg emojiGreg Lewis - Director, knows all sorts of technical info and is a battery guru, also the boss!
lou emojiLou - Office Manager and master of paper work and the most important things like wages!
brian emojiBrian Rossiter - Senior Electrical Technician and workshop manager, knows lots of stuff about everything and loves classic cars & bikes
stef emojiStef Clark - Senior Electrical Technician and bus expert and electronics whiz, a bit of a geek
kohei emojiKohei Nakamtsu - Senior Mechanical Technician who happens to speak Japanese!
daley emojiDaley Sandife - Electrical Technician who also knows about Air Con- also happens to be Tradie of the year
tom emojiTom Agnew - Electrical Apprentice and wanna be Auto Electrician
Molly - Workshop meet and greetMolly - Retired
Molly - Workshop meet and greetTui - New apprentice